Business & Real Estate Opportunities

Are you looking for a way to take advantage in the overwhelming interest in the Tiny Home idea. You have come to the right place. The Tiny Home Center is the integration of business opportunity and real estate investing, but in a way that offers limited risk with a tremendous upside.  How do we do that? It's simple. We focus all of our time, attention and resources toward the idea of creating an affordable tiny homes. 

Prefabricated Homes

The Tiny Home Center uses state of the art manufacturing to build their prefabricated houses which generally range from 300 - 800 square feet. These houses come in a variety of designs and are energy efficient because they use our patented spray foam technology to create an air tight thermal envelope. Also, each house can be custom designed using our proprietary design software so the customer feels like they are creating their own custom home. 

Container Homes

It is becoming more and more popular as a form of modified shipping containers to insulate the interior of a shipping container or storage container.  There are several different ways to go about creating container homes.  The more commonly used materials for containerized applications are rigid polystyrene foam panels and closed cell spray foam. The Tiny Home Center uses it's own proprietary foam system to give our container homes the ultimate performance so that no matter where you are living, the customer will be comfortable.

Custom Built Homes

The tiny home movement has taken off significantly in the last decade. At 500 or less square feet, tiny home living allows individuals and families to save money, live more environmentally friendly, and simplify their life. With the rising popularity of tiny homes, including television shows and tiny home villages sprouting up around the country, it is no surprise that there are more incredibly tiny home builders around the country than ever before.