Business License

The concept of Portable Spray Foam is actually an entire business opportunity which has been built out of year's of research and investment by Sealant Technologies, Inc. We have been able to take what we have learned in the development of our two component machines and have applied that to a business opportunity through a licensing agreement.

Resell Our Proprietary Machines

Licensing agreements set out terms under which one party can use property owned by another party. The property involved in a licensing agreement can be real, personal, intellectual or consultive. Most licensing agreements are used in conjunction with intellectual property such as patents and trademarks. Because Sealants Technologies, Inc has established a very wide and deep portfolio of both patents and trademarks, it is possible to now offer ownership to those innovative companies that would like to build their business by using our proprietary products and services. 

Use Our Proprietary Brands

A typical licensing agreement will define the parties involve and the scope of the intellectual property being licensed. It will specific the ways in which the licensing party can use the property, often limited by geography or a specified time period. The Portable Spray Foam business license includes not just the opportunity for your company to use our proprietary products, but we also offer our business development services that include sale, marketing and consulting. 

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Is your company looking for ways to diversify their business and to grow it's revenue? Is your business currently offering foam sealants to your customers but you are looking for ways to monetize what you are already doing? Are you looking for a very inexpensive way to add a new spray technology to you already existing business model so that you can leverage the power or your brand to expand your market. If so, then the Portable Spray Foam Business License could be a great fit for you and your business.