Fish Bait Well

During the development of the Spray Sealants Gun, a close friend of mine asked if he could spray and seal the bait well on his bass boat. Not being a bass fisherman, I asked him why he would want to do that. " Well Bill, you see that when I am running about 50 MPH over the lake, my bait well makes a ton of noise because it is not sealed up and I am pretty sure that Big Jake can hear me coming ".  Of course, I knew that he was joking, but I wanted to take him on with his challenge, so I was able to get him one of our prototype Spray Sealants Guns and some Black Foam Sealant. He already had the air compressor and because he is a pretty handy guy, he all of the rest of the tools that he needed to make the project work.

When he sent us this video, all we could do is to tell him that were quite with his ingenuity and the creative use of the Go Pro camera.  He was able to use the Spray Sealants Gun and apply black sealant that coated the entire bait well and then it also sealed the well from additional water leaks. It took my friend about an hour to prepare the bait well for spraying and then another hour to spray the entire project. When he was done, he told us that he was " looking for other things to spray " it was that much fun.