Foam Backpack

For 10lb Foam Sealant Canisters

One of the biggest challenges that someone who does a lot of foam sealing has is the mobility of their equipment. Currently, the only real option that anyone has is to buy a bunch of 24oz cans of foam or to purchase a very heavy two component foam kit which they call a " suitcase " and then you have to lug that around the job site or worse, in an attic or crawl space. But all of that is about to change. The Foam Backpack brings mobility and ease to any of your fix and seal projects. 

The Foam Backpack can bring an entirely new dimension to your business as this easy to wear and operate system allows you to designate one person on the crew to do all of the air sealing on each project. Now there is no wasted time looking for individual cans of foam or having to find a foam gun that is at another location on the job. Now, everything is in one system and can be carried around from job site to job site. 

For almost 40 years, the one component foam products that are in the market today operate as stand along system. Until now! Introducing the Foam Sealants Gun. Now a contractor, Do-It-Yourselfer or homeowner has the capacity to use any 24oz can foam products in the market today or to upgrade their application into a Foam Sealants Kit which use 10lb and 16lb foam canisters.