Foam Gun Adapter

The Foam Gun Adapter is a very productive way to allow any Foam Sealant Gun on the market to be converted into a 3:1 gun. With this adapter, it is possible to not only use the Foam Sealants Gun for 24oz cans, but now you are able to apply one component foam using a 10lb and 16lb canister.  In the past, you had to have different guns to do this task. Now you are able to just have one gun. 

Get Rid of the Metal Wand

Now you can apply foam sealant as a " bead " or a " spray " with the Foam Gun Adapter. When using a 16lb Canister of Black Sealant you can easily go from using a regular foam applicator gun that applies the foam sealant as a bead to the Spray Sealants Gun which allows you to apply the foam sealant as a spray. This gives the operator the flexibility to fix and seal his project in any way that will work the fastest and the most affordably. The Patent Pending Foam Gun Adapter give you the what you need in a spray sealant project....speed.

Apply a " Bead " or a " Spray "