Portable Sealing System
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For more than 40 years, there has not been a way use one component foam sealants interchangeably, until now! Introducing the Foam Backpack. If you are in the construction industry, you know how difficult it is to find an affordable and fast way to get all of your air sealing accomplished in a way that you know that when you are done, you have a building that is tight and will not leak. 

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One of the biggest challenges that someone who does a lot of foam sealing has is the mobility of their equipment. Currently, the only real option that anyone has is to buy a bunch of 24oz cans of foam or to purchase a very heavy two component foam kit which they call a " suitcase " and then you have to lug that around the job site or worse, in an attic or crawl space. But all of that is about to change. The Foam Backpack brings mobility and ease to any of your fix and seal projects. 

Sale Price @ $59.95
All Teflon 3:1 Foam Gun

The Foam Sealants Gun is for the homeowner, craftsman or someone that has a small fix-it project which they want to spray and seal. Have you every thought " boy, I wish I had something that could fix and seal this fast! . Well, now there is an alternative, the Foam Sealants Gun. This is the world's first two-in-one foam gun that allows you to apply foam sealants out of a 24oz can or 10lb -16lb Canisters. 

Sale Price @ $180.00
All Metal 3:1 Spray Gun

Are you a professional contractor who is working in the HVAC, insulation, home performance or building industry? Have you been looking for a spray system that applies polyurethane foam sealant in a way that allows you to fix and seal quickly? The Spray Sealants Gun allows the professional to spray foam sealants using either 24oz cans or 10 & 16lb canisters. 

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Orange  Fireblock Cylinder Foam is a one-component polyurethane ( OCF ) sealant specifically designed and colored orange to seal annual spaces around plumbing penetrations, sill plates, headers, cables, ducts and other penetrations between rooms and floors. A critical advantage of the Orange Fireblock Cylinder Foam is it's was of use and its effectiveness at blocking smoke and toxic gases. The foam sealant stops air infiltration by blocking air from entering/escaping through gaps which prevents the flames, smoke and gases from spreading. The product is for use in Type V residential construction. Firebrick foam sealants are not intended for use in hourly rated assemblies. The product is for professional use only. 

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White Foam Sealant 10Lb Cylinder can be used when high expansion is needed to fill and seal larger gaps and cracks. This foam sealant is high performance, single component, moisture curing, Class 1 fire retardant, expanding polyurethane sealants. Use White Foam Sealant to permanently air seal and insulate gaps and cracks to block drafts, moisture and insects while improving comfort and reducing energy usage in commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential applications. Common applications include sealing around plumbing, ventilation outlets, electrical junctions, between sill plates and concrete slabs, or anywhere requiring a fast, economical air-sealing moisture barrier. 

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Black Foam Sealant 10lb Canister was created for those agriculture, automotive, industrial and outdoor applications that need to be sealed and insulated with a water and airtight seal. It is specifically formulated for outdoor use and is black in color si it won't discolor if exposed to UV radiation. It is resistant to heat and reduces noise pollution in auto and trailers. It may be used in black undercarriages and auto wiring and pipes. It's watertight seal is perfect for Koi Ponds or waterfalls and it is safe to be used around Koi Fish. It has premium adhesion abilities to most construction materials including wood, metal, masonry, glass and most plastic outdoor weather conditions and typical auto vibrations won't harm the seal.