Equipment Review
Graco E-20 High Pressure
Price Range $14,000 - $18,000

The Graco E-20 Reactor is electric driven state-of-the art portable spray foam machine that gives superior performance, control and accuracy. The Graco E-20 designed to apply polyurethane foam materials that require accurate temperatures and pressures necessary for the ultimate foam results. The Graco E-20 is one of the most popular wall foam spray machines because of it has a 20 lb/minute capacity. Click this link to find a Graco E-20 for sale. 

The Graco E-20 is an electric proportioner that offers total control when spraying. It is used primarily for medium to high output jobs, and comes standard with advanced features that will help extend the life of your equipment. The E-20 is equipped with system diagnoses along with material data storage. 

The E-20 operates at a 2,000 PSI max working pressure, and has a max hose length of 210 feet. Max fluid temperature comes in at 190 degrees Fahrenheit, and spray foam out put is at 20 pounds per minute. Control the pressure and temperatures with digital programming, allowing you to easily monitor performance during a job. 

The standard hybrid heater provides a more accurate temperature control, and with the electric motor comes better efficiency and ultimately more reliable performance. Tap settings are not required on the heat transformers, and down time is minimized thanks to modular heat control boards – Making troubleshooting and replacements simpler. 

Use the E-20 by Graco on your spray foam insulation jobs, including work on roof patches, window repairs, rim joists and general prep. For coatings, the E-20 is ideal for joint filling in concrete and floor applications, cold polyurea tank spraying, hybrid polyureas and other smaller industrial jobs. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Energy efficient DC motor
  • New Hybrid Heater Design Utilizes direct and mass heating for increased Delta-T
  • New Circulation Valves redesigned for Isocyanate materials
  • New Modular Heater Electronics increase performance and reliability
  • Digital User Controls
  • Quick Knock Down Fluid Sections
  • Sinusoidal motion smooths pump changeover found in traditional vertical pumping systems
  • ISO pump lube system
  • System diagnostics with error codes
  • Automatic system shut down when user defined pressure imbalance is detected

State-of-the-Art Technology with Graco E-20 Reactor

  • Electric motors provide superior efficiency and improved performance
  • Pressure relief valves offer quick and easy balancing of system pressures
  • Easy-to-Service fluid sections reduce maintenance increase productivity
  • High output heaters with maximum temperatures of up to 15,300 watts
  • Data reporting verifies that the job was sprayed accurately
  • Digital heat and pressure controls accurately program temperatures and pressures
  • Balanced proportioning eliminates pressure fluctuations to give you a consistent spray pattern