Equipment Review
Graco E-8 High Pressure
Price Range $7,000 - $10,000

The Graco E-8 proportioner produces an air seal solution that's in demand by project managers who want to make their buildings more energy efficient. Whether you're expanding your existing business application opportunities or just starting to look into getting into the energy savings business, the Reactor E-8 is the high pressure portable spray foam machine for you. 

In 2011, Graco came out with the Reactor E-8. It’s a sleek and compact, 95 lb. portable no heat foam insulation system that allows contractors to perform jobs that before were tedious and problematic. Adding insulation to the attic floor of an existing home, insulating the rim joist of an existing home, or installing a hybrid insulation package for a new construction project and now an affordable option. 

E-8 Operations Theory

Let’s look at a typical job with the Graco E-8p Proportioner. You would be able to send a 2-man crew to the jobsite in a compact pickup truck. The moment they get to the jobsite, all they have to do is roll the E-8p right next to the work area, plug the machine into a wall outlet or extension cord. Click this link to locate a Graco E-8 for sale

Motor Operation

By the numbers for the new job, you would be looking at 14 man hours (2 men X 7 hour day, minus 1 hour for no re-circulating), 2.5 gallons of gas (22 MPG and no generator), and resulted in you making a revenue of $3,000 ($1.50 per sqft at 3 inches for a 2,000 sq ft attic floor).

Fusion Spray Gun

Whether you're expanding your existing insulation application opportunities or just starting your business, the Reactor E-8p provides a quick return on investment. As a touch-up system, the Reactor E-8p frees up larger rigs for medium and large jobs, while enabling you to finish the job affordably.