Metal Roof Repair
Praire Grove, Arkansas
June, 2013

In recent years metal roofs have become increasingly popular. They are beautiful, colorful, and add value to the building. One of the primary reasons that metal roofs add value is that they have a long expected lifespan. Additionally, if the roof is properly installed it should be capable of withstanding most climatic conditions, providing excellent protection from the elements. Nevertheless, as resistant as they may be, metal roof repair and maintenance is still essential to guarantee they will last as long as expected.

Metal roofs use sealants in the installation process. The sealants that have been available in the past do not last, getting hard, shrinking, loosing their elasticity and disbonding over time. Today, however, there is an alternative to the old butyls, ashphaultics and caulking sealants. This beta project show the capabilities of the patent pending AireBarrier when it is applied through the Spray Pods. 

If the metal roof on your home or building develops a leak, it must be fixed right away to prevent costlier damage to the structure underneath. Even the smallest metal roof leak can cause wet insulation, which is a major cause of roof failure.
Finding metal roof leaks can be the most difficult part of the repair. Leaks can originate from the opposite side of the building. A thorough understanding of the metal roof construction will help you pinpoint the cause of the roof leak.

A majority of roof replacements are done because of leaks. Most of these roof replacements are not only premature but do not solve the leak problem on a long term basis. Leaks on a metal roof will either come from the seams and penetrations. Most roofing professionals will try to solve the leak problem by caulking the screw heads and seams. What they do not realize is this approach only aggravates the leak problem. What those professionals need is a new sealant technology. 

Contact Spray Sealants about our patent pending AireBarrier Black and Spray Foam Hybrid portable spray sealants machine. These new spray sealant technologies may make your next metal roof repair project something to feel good about.