Equipment Product Review
NitroSys Spray Foam
Price Range $10,000 -$15,000

Nitro Sys spray foam is the first low pressure portable spray foam machine that is approved to process and spray traditional high pressure spray foam formulations. This unique process allows users to apply foam with a disposable plastic gun eliminating costs associated with gun maintenance, training and downtime. 

Utilizing a patented mixing device, Nitro Sys auto calibrates both the A and B materials while pre-heating the chemicals and delivering it to the Nitrosys plus gun or Handi Gun II through the GreenFlare Heated Hose. This turn key system introduces a whole new level of simplicity and safety to the SFP application equipment. Cost of entry and mechanical skill for use of high pressure equipment can be expensive and complex to learn. High pressure equipment have very small tolerances for error which can lead to delay in production and costly repairs. 

The N+ Metal Gun answers the market requests of providing a faster spraying, rebuildable spray gun used for the safer, more efficient low-pressure applications of the Nitrosys system. The N+HVLP Gun’s metal design  brings a high output rebuildable dispenser option to the Nitrosys line of spray foam equipment manufactured by Spray Foam Systems.

Our advancements with the Nitrosys Plus equipment  now includes faster re-occupancy times with standard drum foam formulations and reduced re-entry time for people working around the system. We listened to the market and developed a new gun that allows us to spray as fast as traditional equipment offerings available on the market today, while still maintaining the benefits of a low-pressure application