Revolution Slab Lifting 

The Revolution pump is the heart of our compact slab lifting machine.  This is a two-component slab lifting pump that uses gear-driven technology. Unlike piston pumps, the simplicity of one continuous rotary motion means exceptional output efficiency plus less energy and wear and tear. The Revolution is a medium-pressure pump that runs on standard 110-volt power, with on-board heaters and a built-in recirculation system. This is a combination of features you won’t find on any other pump.

There are situations where mudjacking isn’t possible for economic, access or geotechnical reasons. If replacement is not possible or not desired, void filling and slab lifting with polyurethane foam is the answer. Prime Resins makes the only portable system on the market for slab lifting with foam. It can be yours for as little as $304 a month.* If you’ve got concrete pool decks or sidewalks to level in the midst of an apartment or condo community, this is your answer.

The award-winning Prime Resins Revolution compact slab lifting system includes four key componentsengineered and optimized to work as one:

  • Precision Lift Foam – a high-density, structural polymer that expands and develops hydraulic lift to level and stabilize slabs.
  • Revolution Pump – a rotary workhorse running on 110 volts with onboard heaters and built-in recirculation system.
  • Equalizer Gun – an impingement mixer that helps equalize pressure from the different viscosities of A and B components without crossing over.
  • Prime Practice – proven how-to procedures enabling a controlled lift within 1/10″ of the desired grade.