Seal PVC Pipes With Foam
Goshen, Arkansas
November, 2011

AireBarrier has taken the process of sealing PVC pipes to the next level, saving time and money for the construction industry. AireBarrier White is truly a game changer. Because high density polyurethane technology is used, the opportunity to bring PVC sealants to a new level has now arrived by using a new air barrier technology. When combined with the portable spray sealants machine called the Spray Pod 1.0, the project is fast and affordable. 

In the plumbing industry there’s been a way to prime and seal pvc pipe. It’s understood that “this is how you do it”. You purchase two cans of liquid; one primer and one cement, or plumbers’ glue. You open the primer and swab it on. You then open the cement and swab on the cement. AireBarrier does not work that way.  A thin coat of this new sealant technology will create adhesion and block air and all of this can be done quickly at an affordable cost if you are sealing PVC pipes. 

AireBarrier has awakened innovation in many different industries, including the world of PVC. They have created a high density polyurethane sealant that cleans, primes and seals a pvc joint with just a thin coat. No cans. No Mess. No multi-step process. No potential waste or spillage.

AireBarrier is quicker, less messy and saves an incredible amount of product – not including the waste we mentioned regarding the old can method. Contractors can use the patent pending Spray Pods to apply AireBarrier or any other sealant, coating or spray foam for other projects.  

PVC pipe is easy to work with, but make sure each piece is properly fitted and match mark each piece before sealing because once the AireBarrier is applied, it sets instantly and is almost impossible to break the adhesion. That's why it is important to match each piece so when you apply the AireBarrier, your pieces will line up. Contact Sealant Technologies, Inc about this unique spray sealant technology.