Low Pressure Spray Foam
Only @ $7,250.00

Q: How much does the Spray Foam Hybrid LP cost?

A: The Spray Foam Hybrid LP sells for a fraction of high pressure machines. This portable spray foam machine allows you to use high pressure chemical formulations but the apply those chemicals as a low pressure spray foam. 

Q: Does the Spray Foam Hybrid come with a warranty?

A: Yes, the Spray Foam Hybrid LP comes with a one year warranty

Why Hybrid Technology

Q: Does the Spray Foam Hybrid need a special foam formulation?

A: No, the Hybrid LP has been designed to process the same foam used by high pressure machines. The Hybrid LP sprays both open and closed cell foams as well as many polyurethane/polyurea coatings

Q: How does it work? I've been told the foam must be sprayed at high pressure(1,000 PSI) and 120 degrees faranheit heat

A: The Hybrid LP spray gun is unique. It features an air nucleation gun which injects compressed air into the liquid components prior to exiting the gun. The liquids are frothed making them mix easier and the air acts as a propellant to expel the mixed foam. The air nucleation allows the foam to be processed at much lower pressure (200-600 PSI) and temperature (80-100 F).

Sample of Spray Pattern

Q:Where can I buy the foam?

A: We work with several that will sell you direct, no certification is required

Q:How much hose does the Hybrid LP come with?

A: The Hybrid LP comes with 50 foot insulated, heated hose wrapped in a scuff resistant jacket. A 50 foot heated extension hose can be ordered to reach 100 foot

Q: How do I flush out the machine after use?

A: The Hybrid LP should be flushed with a pump lubricant(Plasticyizer) for long term storage. It is not necessary to flush each day and chemical can be left in the lines for up to week.

Q:What is included with the machine?

A: The Hybrid LP comes with the proportioning unit, 50 foot heated hose, gun, spray tips, ratio tip, night cap, flush pump, drum feed hoses and fittings to attach to drums.

Q: What else do I need to buy to use the Hybrid LP?

A: You will need two drum cradles, fresh air system, personal protective gear, cleaning solvent, an air compressor rated for minimum 12 CFM@90 PSI, and of course the spray foam

Q:Does the foam have the same yield and insulation values compared with high pressure machines?

A: Yes, the finished product has similar properties and you can expect professional results

Q:How much foam can you spray in one day?

A: Customers average about 1,000 lbs per day. That's about 4,000-4,400 board feet of closed cell

A: The fishy odor is usually foam that has been sprayed off ratio and poly rich(too much B component). The Hybrid LP comes with a ratio tip for checking ratio at the gun, something that the high pressure machines can not do. High pressure machines also have impingement mix guns with very tiny orifice mix chambers. These are between .020 and .040" or 20 to 40, 000th of an inch and have very small filter screens that are prone to plugging. The ISO(A component) is the side that crystallizes and these crystals will often plug the filter causing the off ratio condition. The Hybrid LP has larger 1/8" ports and is less prone to plugging.

Q; Can you spray on metal and wood substrates?

A: Yes, the substrate must be clean and dry. Spraying on cold surfaces will reduce the yield and slow the reaction. This is true with high pressure machines also.

Q: Do you have any used or rental equipment?

A: We do not rent the machines and most customers hold onto the machines.

Q: What is the lead time to get a machine?

A: The lead time is about 4-6 weeks plus about a week for delivery. We try to stock a few but the machine has been so well received we are having trouble keeping them in stock.

Q: Can you spray foam roofs with the Hybrid LP?

A: Yes, the Hybrid LP sprays the class 2 roofing foam equally well. Note: Class 1 foam is needed for interior applications.

Q: Are there any options available for the Hybrid LP?

A: Yes, we can add material tanks, heat exchangers, digital RPM meters etc.

Q: How much power does the Hybrid LP require?

A: The Hybrid LP operates on 15 amps@ 115 VAC power. Compare that to 50-100 amps 230 VAC for high pressure models!

Q: How is the Hybrid LP shipped?

A: The Hybrid LP is shipped in a sturdy wooden crate and ships via truck. 

Q: It's cold here in the winter. Do we need to heat the foam?

A: Yes, we recommend heating the drums to 80 degrees F for optimum performance. The best method is to build a hot box that covers the drums.  You can get 2" urethane board stock insulation and place a small space heater inside.  Band style drum heaters are also good for warming the chemicals. 

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